Today  is the second day of my pupillage. EG has been teaching me about writing. All kinds of writing, including skeleton arguments. A bearisters job, EG says, is to persuade. Thats all it is. You can’t bully, cajole or preach. Everything us bearisters do is about persuasion.

He has made me read this book.Advocacy

EG says it is the best book there is about written persuasion. Not just skeleton arguments but all kinds of written persuasion, correspondence, settlement; letters of claim and replies. EG couldn’t believe I hadn’t been told to learn it by heart at bearister school.(EG would have every bear eat in silence while it was read aloud at meal times – that would be one cool picnic).


EG says that everyone at bearister school wants to be a great advocate. However there is no point in just growling, the modern bearister has to be able to persuade in writing.  This is a book with many examples from some of the great advocates of our time. None of these were bears, unfortunately, but my aim is to be in that book in the future.

He has asked me to choose one part of the book that I think is most important. I have chosen this:

Your overall perceived intention should be to “help” rather than persuade, so that  the judge forgets you are trying to win the case. Be seen more as a judicial assistant than a partisan figure”.

This is a lot for me to take in in two days. So I tested the book in my favourite way.



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